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Welcome to my home on the web!

You know, I've always found the starting of a tale to be the hardest part of telling the story. As such, to me the beginning of a web site is no different. So I guess I'll start by talking about the web site.

About the Site:

After almost eight years, I finally got around to re-building my web site. Until now it has sat in stasis, using the original design I came up with way back in 1996. It goes along the same idea of a construction contractor never fixing the back door of his house.

As I have entered into the realm of Web Development, I decided to build a new site using a few freely available tools, and to build it to standards. I decided since most web sites I've worked on in the past used tables for laying out the format, I would build one without tables all together. Valid XHTML 1.0!

This site uses CSS for setting up the layout, look and feel. It is both CSS2 andValid CSS! XHTML 1.0 compliant. I have also employed SSI (Server Side Includes) for repeatable datablocks (Navigation, etc) and CGI for a few utilities. The server is running Apache. The website looks nearly identical in Internet Explorer 6+, Nescape 7+ and Mozilla Firefox 1.5+.

The design and color scheme are in part a nod to the past website, using the space theme with a contrasting foreground. (I'm still working on the colors...)

Future Additions:

So far I have only added the sections which already existed under the old website.
I will be adding the following sections soon:

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